"What if something

happens? "

Ten reasons for choosing our health insurance:
non-cancelable insurance protection-
        even in an emergency
Free choice of hospitals -
       you decide where you wish to be treated
helicopter rescue service-
       we will take you to the hospital
stable premiums for financial planning security-
    special for Thailand calculated rates
Flexible Premium Rates -
       you choose your own bonus
worldwide coverage -
        for trips up to 30 days.
24/7 special care -
       Health assistance available
Child friendly -
       rooming-in allows you to stay with your child
Personal accident insurance included -
        for just in case
Lifetime extension of your contract -
        we guarantee this for you

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How safe are you really?

You feel good and are enjoying your stay in Thailand. But accidents can happen. You may become ill suddenly. How well are you protected?

The most important consideration when taking out insurance is reliability. How benficial is an insurance policy which lets you down in an emergency?

We offer the first comprehensive health insurance coverage that is comparable with German standards: the Star Health Plan.
With premiums that will surprise you.
Compare the benefits!
Because nothing is more precious than your health.

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